Major Activities


Major activities of D&R wing comprises of:

  1. 1. Appraisal of Multipurpose river valley projects in design aspects.
  2. 2. Planning and Design of hydraulic structures of water resources projects.
  3. 3. Hydrological studies.
  4. 4. Review and planning of safety aspects of dams and Monitoring.
  5. 5. Coordination of Research, development and training.


Design of Hydraulic Structures

D&R wing is actively involved in the design of almost all the major water resources projects either through consultancy or during the process of technical appraisal.

Following four design units have been established to cater to specific requirements and to attend to special design related problems of different regions.

  1. 1. Design (North & West) unit
  2. 2. Design (North - West & South) unit
  3. 3. Design (East & North East) unit
  4. 4. Design (Narmada Basin)

Each of the units have specialised Directorates such as Hydel Civil Design (HCD), Concrete & Masonry Dam Design (CMDD), Embankment Design (ED), Gates Design (GD) and Barrage and Canal Design (BCD) etc.

The D&R wing is also involved in appraisal of design aspects of Detailed Project Reports submitted by various State Governments and other agencies

Design units are carrying out designs in respect of 100 projects during the year 2006-2007 as follows:

S No.
No. of  Projects
1. Projects at construction stage.
2. Projects at investigation and planning stage (for which detailed  project reports are being prepared)
3. Projects with special problems

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Some of the prestigious/important projects, which are presently being designed/handled recently in D&R wing, are as follows:


i) Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project & Poornagiri Re-regulating Dam (Indo – Nepal)

Under the Indo-Nepal bilateral co-operation, the scope of Pancheshwar multipurpose project is being actively discussed and defined to enable finalisation of the Detailed Project Report.  The treaty between His Majesty’s Government of Nepal and Government of India as signed in 1996 lays down the framework for integrated development of the Mahakali River including Pancheshwar Project, Sarda Barrage Project and Tanakpur Barrage Project. Several meetings of the Joint Group of Experts took place afterwards. DPR Chapters and Drawings have been prepared.

The proposed project envisages a 293 m high rock fill dam, just downstream of the confluence of the Mahakali and Sarju river, with central clay core and top of dam at EL. 695 m having a live storage capacity of 9.24 BCM and a dead storage capacity of 2.15 BCM In the project area, the river forms the border between India and Nepal, dividing the Far Western Development Region of Nepal from the Uttar Pradesh State in India. 

The Pancheshwar project also envisages a re-regulating dam for which two alternatives at Poornagiri (1020 MW) and Rupaligad (500 MW) were considered. In the Nepalese DPR, the Re-regulating Project has been proposed at Rupaligad, which was not favoured by Indian side initially. Instead, the India side had proposed Poornagiri as the Re-regulating Project. This has been reviewed in the Ministry of Water Resources and it has been decided to consider both the alternatives. Geo-physical investigation for Rupaligad Project are to be carried out and the DPR will be prepared after receipt of the results of geo-physical investigations. However, draft DPR has already been prepared taking Re-regulating dam at Poornagiri. 

ii) Tala HE Project, Bhutan.

            The project envisages construction of a 91m high and 130 m long concrete gravity diversion dam across river Wangchu near Honka 3 km down stream  of the existing Chukha H.E. Project  to divert 142.5 cumecs of water into 22.40 km long head race tunnel to generate 1020 MW (6 x 170 MW) power under a design head of 820 m.  CWC has been appointed as design consultants for specification/construction stage works. The excavation/construction of all civil components of the project are in full swing and the necessary design and drawings for the same are being issued in time to the project authorities as per site requirements.

iii) Nathpa Jhakri HE project

Nathpa Jhakri HE project a run of the river scheme with an installed capacity of 1500 MW (6 units of 250 MW each) in Himachal Pradesh is a Joint Venture between Government of India and H.P.

The Main feature of the project comprises of 60.5 m high concrete dam on Satluj river at Nathpa. The length of dam is 185.45m. It has many unique features including the construction of a huge underground desilting complex with 4 chambers (525m. long, 16.31 m. wide and 27.5m. deep) and 25.3 km long head race tunnel of 10.15 m diameter. The project is now under operation and all six units of the projects have been commissioned.

Central Water Commission is the Principal Consultant and has been associated with this project right from its conception and has been associated with various natural and technical problems, which the project faced during and after construction.

Member (D&R) is a Member of the Board of Directors of SJVNL.

iv) Tehri Dam Project

Tehri Dam Project is the first multi-purpose river valley project, which is taken up for construction on river Bhagirathi to tap its vast potential and is being executed by Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC). It envisages construction of a 260.5 m high earth and rock fill dam, which would be the fourth highest dam in the world.  The design engineering and consultancy including construction drawings for dam and various spillway components like Chute Spillway, Left and Right Bank Shaft Spillways etc. are being handled in D&R wing.  An inspection gallery has been provided in the core of fill dam joining left and right abutments, which is an unique feature for rock fill dam undertaken for the first time in India. The original design of this gallery as per Russian Design by HPI, Moscow was reviewed and modified construction drawings have been issued.

The other components of the project for which designs are being done are Right Bank Shaft Spillway with Intermediate Outlet, the Chute Spillway and diversion  of Bahtogi Nalah, a stream discharging in right bank.

Member (D & R), CWC is a Member of the Board of Directors of THDC. CWC has been advising THDC and Ministry of Power on safety aspects of Tehri Dam.

v) Indira Sagar Project

Indira Sagar is a multipurpose project on the Narmada river near Punasa Village, district East Nimar (Khandwa) in Madhya Pradesh.  The Project envisages construction of a 92m  high and 653m long concrete gravity dam with a  surface power house of 1000 MW installed capacity (8x125MW) and a 249 km long canal to provide irrigation in 1.23 lakh Ha of C.C.A. in the districts of Khandwa & Khargone.  On completion, a reservoir of 9.75 BCM live storage capacity will be created.  Design consultancy for Dam, Power house, Control structure/Head Regulator (Punasa facilities), CD structures on Indira Sagar Main Canal, Bargi Diversion Right Bank Canal and 3 x 5 MW Canal Head Power House have been provided.

vi) Sardar Sarovar Project

Sardar Sarovar project envisages construction of 1210 m long, 163 m high (above deepest foundation level) concrete gravity dam across the river Narmada, two power houses with total installed capacity of 1450 MW and 458 km long Main Canal which envisages irrigation for 17.92 lakh Ha. and drinking water to 8215 villages and 135 urban centers.   Consultancy for complete planning, design and construction drawings for 6x200 MW Right Bank Power House(RBPH) and 5x50 MW Canal Head Power Houses(CHPH) under Sardar Sarovar Project, Gujarat is being provided. The spillway unit has been raised upto EL 110.6 m (MDDL) by virtue of which four units of 50 MW each of CHPH have been commissioned in Aug./Sept.,2004. CWC is also associated with monitoring of progress of construction of RBPH as per Revised Implementation Schedule (RIS 2000), through identifying bottlenecks and suggesting remedial measures and is also involved in works related to Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee, Project Review Panel, Narmada Control Authority meetings and design related issues involved with raising of dam height in various phases .

vii) Koteshwar HE Project (Uttaranchal)

Koteshwar  HE project  is an integrated part of Tehri Power Complex comprising of Tehri Dam & Hydro Power Plant (1000MW), Tehri Pumped Storage Plant (1000MW) and Koteshwar Hydro Electric Project (400 MW) to develop Hydro-electric potential of river Bhagirathi. The project envisages construction of gravity dam across Bhagirathi River and a surface power house with an installed capacity of 4x100 MW. The powerhouse will be located on the right bank of the river near village Pindaras of Tehri District. The reservoir created by Koteshwar dam shall also act as a lower reservoir for a pumped storage scheme as well as balancing reservoir for Koteshwar Hydel scheme. This will facilitate the functioning of Tehri Power complex as a major peaking station in Northern grid, having installed capacity of 2400 MW.
D&R wing is providing consultancy services for the entire powerhouse design including intake and tail race etc.

viii)      Tehri Pump Storage Scheme (4x250 MW) Uttaranchal

Tehri Pump Storage scheme has been envisaged to generate 1000 MW of peaking power for enhancing system reliability and also to provide balancing load to the thermal base generation during off peak hours. The reservoir created by the Tehri Dam would function as upstream reservoir for this Project, while Koteshwar Dam   reservoir shall be the lower reservoir. D&R wing is extending technical support right from its formulation stage as a retainer consultant.

Hydrological Studies

CWC has carried out hydrological studies in respect of most of the projects in the country. Hydrological Studies Organisation (HSO) has come up with Indian version of regional models for rational estimation of design flood. Sub-zonal reports for estimating design flood in areas with insufficient hydrological and hydrometeorological data have been brought out by CWC, which are extensively used by various state Governments and Central Government Department/Organizations. HSO of CWC provided assistance to the Govt. of Rajasthan in the review studies of design floods for various projects identified for rehabilitation under Rajasthan Water Sector Restructuring Project.

Review and Planning of Safety Aspects of Dams

Dam Safety Organization is looking after following issues related to Dam Safety:-

  • - Instrumentation in Dams and Power House Caverns, besides other hydraulic structures.
  • - Special Analysis like Dam Break Modelling and foundation problems.
  • - Computer Aided Design.
  • - Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Large dams.

The Central Water Commission would expand its existing capabilities in dam safety monitoring, including training programmes, hydrologic analysis and modernization.

Water Resources Development Projects in North Eastern Region

CWC has a dedicated design unit for East and North Eastern region to undertake design and consultancy for Multipurpose, Irrigation, Water Supply and Hydro Electric Projects. The scope of work also includes preparation of pre-feasibility and detailed project reports for schemes investigated by the field offices of CWC in North East or projects undertaken by Brahamputra Board, NEEPCO, State Govt. departments etc. Technical appraisal of PFRs and DPRs are also being carried out.