Major Activities of Human Resources Management Wing


The Major activities of Human Resources Wing are as under:

  • 1. Establishment matters of officers belonging CWES and matters related to vigilance, accounts, budget, O&M, Commission meetings etc.
  • 2. Coordination of technical activities of CWC with MoWR and within CWC
  • 3. Registration and empanelment of consultants in the field of water resources sector
  • 4. Monitoring and coordinating the study on restructuring of CWC
  • 5. Arranging and co-ordinating activities related to training programmes/ seminars/workshops in fields of water Resources Sector for in-service offices of CWC and other Central/State Govt. Departments and their Organisations.
  • 6. Apprenticeship Training for fresh engineering graduates/diploma holders/vocational certificate holders in collaboration with Board of Apprenticeship Training, Kanpur.
  • 7. Preparation of Annual Report of CWC
  • 8. Collection, compilation and submission of material for weekly/monthly/half-yearly/yearly returns to MoWR
  • 9. Computerisation of financial matters such as generation of salary bills, rolls & salary slips in bilingual
  • 10. Expenditure statement (monthly, quarterly, half yearly & yearly)
  • 11. Schedules of GPF, HBA & other advances.
  • 12. License fee for Govt. accommodation and other salary related works.


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