Organizational Structure of River Management Wing


River Management Co-Ordination Directorate (RMCD)

Director, RMCD is responsible for, overall co-ordination of various activities both at  HQ as well as with the field under Member (RM), allocation of budget to all the field organizations review/monitoring of physical and financial achievement in respect of plan schemes, scrutiny/preparation and processing of SFC Memos of various plan schemes, compilation/preparation and submission of material for performance budget, budget brief, annual reports of CWC and MoWR, annual action plan of CWC and MoWR and material for various monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly returns and assisting Member (RM) in different administrative and technical matters, co-ordination and monitoring of progress in respect of projects under survey and investigation in India and neighbouring countries and coordination of works related to construction of residential and non-residential buildings for the field offices of RM Wing of CWC.

RM Wing has 13 organisations which are headed by a Chief Engineer, out of which 2 are in HQ and remaining 11 in field. The functions of organisation are further looked after by Director/SE assisted by DD/EE, AD/AEE/EAD/AE and other support staff. Organisational details at HQ are given below:

Flood Management Organization (FMO)

 Chief Engineer, FMO is responsible for techno-economic appraisal of flood management projects and multipurpose projects having flood management aspects, collection and compilation of flood damage statistics from the States and recommendation for Central Loan Assistance, preparation and issue of daily/weekly flood bulletins during flood season and development and improvement of flood forecasting techniques. 

Flood Management Directorates

There are three flood management directorates namely FM-I, FM-II and Union Territories (UT) directorates looking after appraisal and monitoring of flood management schemes, studies on flood management works in the States, inspection of flood affected areas and assessment of flood damages and rendering advice to concerned State and Central Government Departments on flood management works including scrutiny of Central Loan Assistance proposals and examinations of Annual Plan and Five Year Plan documents,. 

Flood Management (FM) -I Directorate

FM-I directorate is responsible for, technical examination of flood management schemes/ proposals, master plan, preparation of TAC Notes and related matters regarding their clearance in respect of the States of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat, carrying out special studies and preparation of notes thereof and  convening of meetings of Standing Committees and Sub-committees on Sahibi, Yamuna, Ghaggar, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej rivers and follow-up action thereof.  

Flood Management-II Directorate

 FM-II Directorate is responsible for, technical examination of flood management schemes/ proposals, master plan, preparation of TAC Notes and related matters regarding their clearance in respect of the States of Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, Sikkim, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal, carrying out special studies and preparation of notes thereof and coordination of works related to GFCC/DVRRC and Brahmaputra Board. 

Union Territories (UT) Directorate

UT Directorate is responsible for, technical examination of flood management schemes/ proposals, master plan, preparation of TAC Notes and related matters regarding their clearance in respect of Union Territories and States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Goa, carrying out special studies and preparation of notes thereof, examination of alternate sources of drinking water supply and inspection of works relating to water supply in Delhi, scrutiny and rendering advice in award of works in respect of UTs and secretariat for Flood Plain Zoning and Subarnarekha Embankment Committee. 

Flood Management Planning (FMP) Directorate 

 FMP Directorate is responsible for, over all co-ordination of flood management works for the entire country, collection and compilation of flood damages report for all States/UTs and their analysis for recommendation for Central Assistance, activities related to disaster management, non-structural measures for flood management (other than flood forecasting) and related activities, implementation of RBA recommendations and flood plain zoning legislation by various States/UTs, coordination with State Governments in regard to formulation of flood management project reports for World Bank assistance, coordination of externally aided flood management schemes including flood forecasting as well as coordination of flood related matters with the neighbouring countries and works related to ICID and INCID on flood management aspects. 

Flood Forecast Monitoring (FFM) Directorate

 FFM Directorate is responsible for, processing of various schemes for flood forecasting in the country, preparation of EFC/SFC memorandum and obtaining clearances from Ministry of Water Resources, formulation and issue of daily and weekly flood bulletins during monsoon season, matters relating to flood forecasting in the country, monitoring of plan scheme on “Establishment and Modernisation of FF Network in India including Inflow Forecast” and activities related to setting up of telemetry & wireless systems. 

Planning & Development Organisation (P&DO)

 Chief Engineer, P&DO is responsible for, morphological studies of the rivers, providing advice on matters related to coastal erosion problems, study, analysis and development of flood forecasting techniques, implementation of Hydrology Project, water quality monitoring in the river basins of India, storage, analysis and retrieval of hydrological data for Ganga  & Brahmaputra Basins and establishment of Hydrological Information System (HIS).

Brief description of five directorates under P&DO are given below: 

Morphology Directorate

 Morphology Directorate is responsible for, examination of navigational aspects of river valley projects received from the States and coordination with Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), Ministry of Surface Transport and Ministry of Water Resources on these aspects, morphological studies of rivers in India, analysis of sediment transport data being collected by Field Units of CWC, river sediment Transport modeling, coordination of research activities and model studies relating to river morphology and river mechanics in various research stations in India. 

Planning & Development (P&D) Directorate

Planning & Development Directorate is responsible for, research and development work related to snow hydrology including development of mathematical models, coordination with MoWR and Field Units of CWC in respect of matters related to restoration of water bodies and monitoring of projects under CAD programme and coordination of activities of activities of the sub-committee SC-1 of TC-113 of ISO on Velocity Area method. 

Coastal Erosion Directorate

Coastal Erosion Directorate is responsible for overall co-ordination, monitoring and techno-economic appraisal of anti-sea-erosion schemes in respect of the maritime States, monitoring of the progress of centrally sponsored scheme for coastal protection works & recommending release of Central Loan Assistance, interaction with the Research Stations in the maritime States and CW&PRS, Pune on the studies relating to coastal protection and coastal erosion control schemes and preparation of anti-sea erosion schemes for central/external assistance.  

Flood Control Applications (FCA) Directorate

Flood Control Applications Directorate is responsible for, developing and application of mathematical models for flood forecasting including inflow forecasting and flood plain zoning, assisting CWC field offices in solving problems in application of mathematical models for flood forecasting and other related matters, application of data acquired by Remote Sensing techniques for flood forecasting/flood management and application of the latest technology acquired in the practical river engineering problems related to flood control schemes. 

River Data Compilation (RDC) Directorate

RDC Directorate is responsible for, overall coordination of activities related to hydrological observation network on rivers Ganga and Brahmaputra; storage, analysis and retrieval of hydrological data for Ganga & Brahmaputra basins; processing and dissemination of classified data of Ganga & Brahmaputra basins to bonafide users following the MoWR guidelines; running and maintenance of National Surface Water Data Centre; monitoring of Water Quality activities of CWC including preparation of SFC Memos; standardisation of procedures and equipments for hydrological, sediment and water quality observations; preparation of manuals for hydrological observation works; functioning as National Help Desk for maintenance of Softwares like SWDES, HYMOS and WISDOM for all Hydrology Project implementing agencies including trouble shooting and review of HIS manuals; specifications and pricing of data dissemination; coordination of Hydrology Project-II activities and act as nodal Directorate for the Working Group on Hydrological Instrumentation of National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee. This directorate is also responsible for preparation and updating of computerized hydrological database for hydrological sites of CWC; preparation of combined catalogue of meta data of surface water sites (1000 nos.) and ground water sites (50,000 nos.) developed under Hydrology Project-I and its periodical updating and hoisting of the same on the web; maintenance of hydrological, meteorological, hydro-geological and water quality meta data & web site developed by CWC under Hydrology Project-I for 21 agencies and monitoring of Direct Request File (DRF) Servicing of 28 Data Storage Centers;, are also being looked after by this directorate.


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