Activities of WP&P Wing

One of the important activities assigned to Central Water Commission is techno-economic appraisal of irrigation, flood control and multipurpose projects proposed by the State Governments. This task is performed and coordinated by the Project Appraisal Organisation (PAO) of this wing. After establishment of techno-economic feasibility of the project, the Advisory Committee of Ministry of Water Resources (MOWR) on Irrigation, Flood Control and Multipurpose Projects headed by the Secretary, Water Resources (WR) considers projects for acceptance and thereafter recommends the same for investment clearance to the Planning Commission. Besides these, the Hydro-power projects proposed by State Electricity Boards / Private Sector Organisations are also scrutinised in CWC from the view point of hydrology, civil design, inter-state issues and cost angles and for establishing water availability for cooling and other purposes in case of thermal projects and Techno Economic clearance is accorded by Central Electricity Authority (CEA). Technical aspects of water supply schemes are also appraised when referred by the State Governments. . A similar function is discharged by the Project Preparation Organisation (PPO) under a Chief Engineer in respect of Major, Medium Irrigation and Water Resources Consolidation Projects, which are posed for external assistance.